Manufacturing process

Eurorra Simplified Process Overview

Simplified process explains the base of what happens when you place an order for a laptop.

Up to 182 processes and subprocesses can be present per order, depending on your requirements.

Each laptop is bespoke made and not two can be made equally as a large part of the manufacturing is still made by hand to be perfected to the level we want it to be.

3D Carbon Fiber Chassis and Swarovski design orders;

All orders that require 3D Carbon Fiber Chassis or custom Swarovski design will be quoted separately.

Swarovski and 3D carbon fiber chassis designs are made with legal team approval, as design and Logo ownership needs to be proven by patents.
Swarovski crystals are custom made by factory and combined by hand, because of this the cost can vary based on customer needs or requirements as well as waiting times for delivery to us.

Please contact our Sales department and see Additional costs section.

Special UV PRINT color;

– Customer is responsible to deliver us the design per each side.
– Customer is required to check his design and quality before sending.
– Any deviation or correction before the delivery can be charged separately. The cost of the change will be based on the stage of the manufacturing of the product (per carbon fiber side 200€ – if already made).
– Customer should send us the best quality of the design. Bad quality will reflect to bad outcome on print.
– Color accuracy on Carbon Fiber can be slightly different than on the image itself as it is expected to have a small amount of deviation due to material.
There is no limitation on colors for special UV Print on Carbon Fiber.

Aluminum chassis color;

– We require all colors to be RAL Classic:
– Aluminum can have a small deviation between batches at manufacturing, but not less than 96% accuracy of RAL color of choosing.
– It is required that the customer gives us exact RAL color in the order as additional changes can be charged separately.
The cost of the change will be based on the stage of the manufacturing of the product (if already manufactured 300€).
*Important; Hex, Pantone or other color charts will not be accepted as this is not the standard for aerospace industry and components.


– We include .ai and PDF files for you to have a look at the options for design on Carbon Fiber chassis.
– With those files you can include your image to check compatibility and position of your design.
– In case you want only the color of aluminum changed please only provide us the RAL color of choosing.
– In case you want your name to be added please only specify if in the order email.
– You have the option to choose between Named and non-named bottom chassis option. Both come in Transparent White or Eurorra colors options (if you choose custom option for UV print and up).
– You can choose only 1 bottom chassis option (number 4 in PDF naming).
– Naming should not be provocative or include any rude or illegal naming conventions, as those will be rejected. Please only use First and Last name or Nickname.
– Naming has a limitation of 30 letters. Numbers or signs will not be included in the print option (it will be rejected).
– The responsibility of the design ownership is full on the Customer side.
– In case our legal team finds the logo to be too similar to a Brand we recognize, we will request the customer to provide ownership or allowance rights.
– If the customer can not provide legal ownership, we can reject the design.
– After you adjust your design on Carbon fiber chassis, send the Files to us in original adjusted files (.ai or PDF).
An ideal design should have a transparent background if not the carbon fiber wont be seen.
– Customer is required to check the files before the order as any correction will be additionally charged. The cost of the change will be based on the stage of the manufacturing of the product (200€ per carbon fiber side if already made and 300€ if Alu color).