Additional costs on regular orders (all orders except 3D chassis and custom Swarovski);

There are no additional costs related to your order for all regular purchases.

Additional costs for custom Swarovski design orders;

Costs for custom Swarovski design start at 1600€+VAT and can go up depending on your design requirements.

Standard Swarovski covers a full front cover design with their standard color palette of crystals, custom bedding for crystals and manually putting them together. Swarovski will also send us the legs custom color options to match your front design.

Custom crystal colors can be purchased, but those depend on the limitations presented by Swarovski.

Costs are added per laptop and include custom UV printed colors on carbon fiber and any RAL classic color on Aluminium.
Keyboard customizations can be made if needed, but in this case we charge 50€ per laptop instead of 100€ we charge per regular  order.

Additional costs for 3D chassis orders;

3D chassis option is possible on front and bottom layers of carbon fiber as middle layers need to be flat in order for the laptop to close and go to sleep mode!

There is also a limitation to its height and distances between shapes as we need to obey the safety of the laptop for its users and legal obstacles that are required for all electronic devices sold in the EU.

3D chassis option additional costs start at 1900€+VAT and can go up depending on your requirements.

Those costs include custom design coordination, render for finished design check, custom molding and testing of the structure.

Every change of the design is 100€+VAT per hour.

Costs are added only once per design order, but it is required to have a MOQ of 100 laptops.
Cost per each laptop is depending on additional options and design complexity.

Additional costs for custom packaging orders;

All 3D chassis design or Swarovski orders have options to be packaged into a custom package.

Packaging is chosen based on your design and you have the option to customize it to some extend.

Additional changes can be made but are Quoted based on materials and extra work needed per package.

All changes to the design once the samples of packages are made is additional 300€+VAT per change.