Frequently Asked Questions.

What format of picture do i need to send?

You need to have an EPS, JPEG or PNG format of picture ready to start.
Vector images preferred.

What is the required size of the picture?

We adjust the picture based on the mold you purchase.
So you don’t have to worry with the proportions.

Required Quality of the picture.

Please make sure to have quality picture for us.
Better quality = better print on the chassis.

Custom design chassis options?

Each chassis is hand made so we aren’t limited by machine parameters when it comes to design itself.

Design ownership.

You own the design and by this you also need to make sure if the design is not yours, you purchased the rights to be used in the molding process.

Type of print color?

We use special UV resistant color used for carbon fiber products. The more it’s exposed to sunlight the better it is.

Can we print all layers?

No. You can only print on the top layer as there is a limitation on the machine itself. But you do have an option to print multiple layers on top carbon fiber layer and glossy or matt finishes.

Do i need to specify colors in my picture?

No. We have a software that will transfer colors from your image to color in the printing machine for carbon fiber.

What do i need for custom design mold?

For your custom design you send us a picture (EPS, JPEG or PNG format) and based on your picture we will have a 30 minute call to identify the placing on the design itself.
After that a render is made and presented to you.
Upon confirming your request we go into mold planning and later creation.

Custom chassis extruded from base.

You can go max + 3mm from the base.
The negatives are not allowed as they can damage the screen.
The 3mm is the max because of the printing limitation.

Custom mold ownership.

You own the design, we own the mold.
After 2 years of the last purchase you make on the custom mold we recycle the mold itself.

Are we allowed to use your custom mold for others?

No. If you own the mold and the design is yours only you can purchase it.
If you bought the rights from a design and eventually a customer buys the same rights from the same artist it might not matter as someone else would prefer to put the picture on the mold differently than you are.

When can I expect the delivery upon purchase?

Depending on the design it can take from 4 to 8 weeks. We have to test the chassis prepare the correct color settings and positions before we are ready to ship it to you.

Product warranty on parts.

General warranty is 3 years. Some parts do have longer warranty like SSD (5 years) and DDR4 has Unlimited or lifetime warranty.


Shipping will always be free for our customers. Nomather if you live just 50 meters away from our factory or in Antarctica.

Are prices final?

Prices are final price in the EU (European Union). If you live outside, your country may appose additional taxes on goods from the EU. As it is impossible for us to track all countries and their VAT changes we apologize in advance if you had any additional expenses.